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The Zircoa Supply Chain Code of Conduct will guide the way our supply chain partners play an active role in helping us achieve our goals.


Zircoa requires all our directors, officers, and employees along with those working on our behalf to comply with all laws and to act ethically and with integrity. Our intent as a supply chain team is to only work with companies who understand and share our commitment to the principles outlined below.

Working together we will build a sustainable business relationship that will enable us all to be successful. We require our supply chain partners to adhere to these principles and to reflect these same principles upon their suppliers.

Policy Requirements:

Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Assurance (HSSEA)

Supply chain partners must:

Ethics and legal requirements

Supply chain partners must:

Supply chain partners must not:

Human rights and labor standards

Supply chain partners must:

Supply chain partners must not:


Zircoa reserves the right to assess and monitor suppliers’ compliance with this Supply Chain Code of Conduct.

Supply chain partners must:

Note: This Supply Chain Code of Conduct contains general requirements applicable to all Zircoa’s supply chain partners. Supply chain contracts may contain more specific provisions addressing some of the same issues. To the extent there is inconsistency between this Supply Chain Code of Conduct and any other provision of a particular contract, supply chain partners must comply with whichever provision is stricter. As a general matter, Zircoa expects supply chain partners to act not just in accordance with the specific provisions of this Supply Chain Code of Conduct, but also in accordance with its spirit.

Tim Leitzel