Zirconium Oxide, Zirconia Powder, Zycron or ZrO2 and Aluminum Oxide, Alumina or Al2O3. Regardless of the Name, Zircoa is the Source for High Quality, Innovative Products.

Refractory Brick for High Temperature Insulation and Glass Contact
Refractory Brick

Burner Blocks for Glass Furnace Oxy-fuel Firing
Burner Blocks

Setter Plates and Discs for the firing of Barium Titanate Capacitors, Thermistors and PZT Piezoelectrics
Setter Plate, Discs

Alumina Crucibles for Broad Applications & Tighter Budgets
Alumina Crucibles

Zirconia Crucibles for Consistent, High Temperature Melting
Zirconia Crucibles

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Slide Gate Plates for the Toughest Steel Grades
Slide Gate Plates

Coarse Grain Tubes for Induction Heating Applications

Tundish Metering Nozzles for Continuous Casting of Non-aggressive and Low Carbon Steels
Tundish Nozzles

Powder Metal Atomization Nozzles — For processes ranging from free fall and water atomization to close-coupled VIGA gas atomization.
Powder Metal Atomizing Nozzles

Engineered Ceramic Components Solve a Wide Range of Material Requirements

Zirbeads Dispersion and Milling Media Based Upon Zirconium Oxide

Ceramic Extrusion Dies for both Direct and Indirect Presses
Extrusion Dies

Grinding Media - Radius-End Cylinders and Banded Satellite Spheres
Grinding Media

Zirconia Powder - Consistent High Purity, Low Surface Area and Unique Spheroid Shape
Zirconia Powder

Refractory Backup & Custom Granular Zirconium Oxide Materials
Refractory Backup

Setter Sand for Electronics
Setter Sand

Zircoa products are available worldwide through our network of independent sales agents and distributors
Worldwide Presence