Powder Metal Atomization Nozzle
Powder Metal Atomization Nozzles

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Zirconia Nozzles for Powder Metal Atomization

Powder metal atomization nozzles, from Zircoa, are used in a variety of atomization processes. Ranging from free fall and water atomization, to more complex close-coupled VIGA gas atomization. Our powder metal atomization nozzles allow narrow particle distributions to be achieved, with minimal inclusions and cleaner powder quality.

Zircoa’s Powder Metal Atomization Nozzle Characteristics

Improve Wetting Performance. Prevent Alloy Adhesion and Freeze Offs.

Zircoa´s robust manufacturing experience and dedication to providing innovative material possibilities allows our customers to maximize the potential of their atomizer. Our powder metal atomization nozzles, also known as pour tubes, are used in the production of nickel, cobalt and iron-based alloy powders, as well as stainless steel powders. The high temperature resistance allows for the atomization of precious metal powders, such as platinum group alloys. Even less demanding alloys such as copper and brass benefit from the usage of powder metal atomization nozzles from Zircoa.

Proper nozzle material selection is crucial in order to achieve desired powder properties such as size, shape and surface finish of powder. Ideal casting sequences, tighter operating parameters, increased reliability and fewer inclusions often correspond with this optimization.

Why choose Powder Metal Atomization Nozzles form Zircoa?

Zircoa has the experience and capabilities to meet your requirements. We have been manufacturing zirconia refractories since 1953.

Nozzles for powder metal atomization are a sophisticated product, and Zircoa provides you with the demanding quality you need. That´s why leading powder metal manufacturers are trusting Zircoa atomization nozzles.


Physical Properties - Zircoa Powder Metal Atomization Nozzles"

3004 3036 3077
CTE-RT to 600°C x10-6 in/in/°C 8,0 7,0
CTE-RT to 1000°C x10-6 in/in/°C 8,1 6,1
CTE-RT to 1300°C x10-6 in/in/°C 3,4 4,3
MONOCLINIC % 60% 55%
DENSITY g/cm3 4,6 g/cm 4,6 g/cm 4,9 g/cm³
POROSITY % 16,0% 17,0% 14,0%
SiO2 wt% 1,4% 1,7% 1,0%
Fe2O3 wt% 0,2% 0,1% 0,4%
TiO2 wt% 0,1% 0,1% 0,2%
Al2O3 wt% 0,9% 0,5% 0,1%
CaO wt% 0,4% 0,3% 0,4%
MgO wt% 2,6% 2,6% 2,6%
ZrO2 + HfO2 wt% 94,4% 94,7% 95,3%